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Segregation Cabinet

segregation cabinet
Segregation Cabinets are most commonly used in the transport industry and traditionally hold 1 x pallet. Segregation Cabinets can be utilised in any industry where hazardous and or non hazardous goods have a requirement to be segregated. Segregation Cabinets can be used for the transportation of Dangerous Good Classes 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9.
Part No Size
Cabinet Purpose Height
Price Direct Deposit
SEG100 100 Courier van 1200 500 500 POA Buy Handling Gear Online
SEG150 150 Under-deck 1200 500 600 POA Buy Handling Gear Online
SEG200 200 2 x Way Forklift 1200 600 600 POA Buy Handling Gear Online
SEG450 450 2 x 205L Drum 1435 1400 1200 POA Buy Handling Gear Online
SEG850 850 4 x 205L Drum 1550 1400 1400 POA Buy Handling Gear Online
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